Founded in 2015 and part of the DPD Group, Stuart is an organization of more than 800 employees expanding across Europe offering state-of-the-art urban logistics for a more sustainable world. Through its leading on-demand logistics platform, it connects companies and customers of all sectors and sizes (restaurants, grocery stores, retail, luxury, e-commerce or professional services) with a fleet of geolocated couriers to transport and provide on-demand logistics deliveries in 6 countries and more than 120 cities.

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The challenge

From startup to full-fledged company size

2 years ago the Stuart company was in a phase of rapid growth: by the end of 2021 it doubled the size of its workforce from 300 to 600 employees. Today, it has more than 800 "Stuwies" distributed in 6 European countries. The main need was to move learning and talent development, keeping it aligned with a fully hybrid and flexible work model.

The need for a centralized, scalable, and hybrid training space.

Prior to the launch of the new Learning Hub, all of Stuart's global learning offerings were managed within the Stuart Academy, the center dedicated to the professional development and growth of the company's internal talent. Stuart's employees, known as "Stuwies," were manually managed and difficult to convince to participate in learning and improvement. A central digital space was needed to reduce the time spent manually updating information and, at the same time, increase the impact of its wide range of course offerings.

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Our proposal

A common learning platform: Totara, Actua and the new Learning Hub

The first step was to implement an elearning platform with all the wide variety of courses offered by the Stuart Academy: Learning Hub. The subject matter of the courses offered at Stuart touches on the 5 pillars of the Stuart Academy (Core, Collaborate, Engage, Lead, Perform). They are aimed at different audiences with the objective of developing different areas of knowledge: from leadership skills, core competencies, people management, increasing collaboration, and even how to engage with the Stuwie culture.

Foster a continuous internal talent development approach and ensure that a culture of innovation is fostered that empowers employees to drive their own professional development. The Learning Hub offers users the possibility of training in different modalities: self-directed, on-demand, collaborative, digital and face-to-face activities. Some of them are very innovative, such as the ambassador program.


Ambassador Program: engaging, recognizing and celebrating people

The Ambassador Program aims to engage, recognize and celebrate people who give back to Stuart and society at large through participation in activities outside the scope of their regular duties. It is an innovative learning solution to think creatively (out of the parcel), which helps to promote and increase employee engagement through "sharing through collaboration" one of Stuwie's core values.

Stuwies who proactively execute those extracurricular activities that add value to the company, their colleagues and/or the world are recognized and rewarded as ambassadors of the organization.


The Ambassador Program: a successful reward system

The Ambassador Program is a gamification program implemented in the Totara environment that is open to full-time employees, both individual contributors and managers, who want to make a difference, stand out and be recognized for their contribution.

Ambassador Coins, virtual currencies with real rewards The form of retribution is in the form of Ambassador Coins, which you can earn with each activity you perform. Each action has a different number of coins you can earn, depending on its difficulty and impact.


The power of automated reporting in capturing relevant data and metrics

The elearning platform has helped in terms of automated reporting. Reports can be downloaded on the activities completed by each employee, which we share with business leaders as part of the quarterly learning report by department. This data helps to measure whether you are on track to achieve key results for each department and make training decisions about program development and the impact on the organization as a whole.

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Ambassador Coins, virtual currencies with real rewards

The form of retribution is in the form of Ambassador Coins, which you can earn with each activity you perform. Each action has a different number of coins you can earn, depending on its difficulty and impact.


"Stuart's Learning Hub has provided us the perfect solution to create engaging learning experience for Stuwies and increase our business impact. Since its implementation, we have transformed our hybrid learning offering, through internally developing e-learning courses across learning, performance & business related topics. It is the perfect tool for innovative learning design!"

Gemma Incoronato Head of Learning & Talent Development


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