A Customized and Collaborative LXP

Implement a culture of continuous learning through collaboration and user-generated content

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Implement Social Learning in your organization to drive business success

icono Accelerates skill acquisition

Incorporates a recommendation engine to identify key interests, skills and needs to display personalized content.

icono Boosts employee engagement

Employees who are engaged and work as a team deliver higher quality work and are more productive.

icono Learning Strategy Reloaded

Add collaborative spaces for both employees and external groups so that learning can flow more dynamically and efficiently.

Empower influencers within your organization

Anyone can create a playlist and add content very easily. It is as simple as sharing an external resource, or writing an article in the editor.


Cohesive team and knowledge sharing with collaborative spaces

Create topic-specific playlists for groups to gather and share knowledge in the form of articles, blogs, photos, videos, podcasts or other formats.


Artificial intelligence and robust recommendation engine

People's interests, skills and prior learning help create an AI-enriched learning profile for personalized recommendations.


Main functionalities
of Totara Engage

icono Playlists with selected content

It consists of articles, blogs, photos, podcasts and videos and can be subscribed to by those interested in this topic.

icono User participation reports

Discover the experts, the leaders and the new talent, as well as the less engaged people.

icono Integration with Microsoft Teams

Enable your employees to solve complex problems from a centralized digital space without switching between tools.

icono Flexible configuration and access

Control access to content and privacy rights within playlists. Generates authorizations according to defined job functions.

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Do you want to motivate learners using the power of collaboration and social learning?

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Do you want to motivate learners using the power of collaboration and social learning?


"We have been working with Actua for a few years now and it has been a good decision to count on them to carry out our training project, they always listen to our ideas and help us to implement them. Our project with Totara Learn and Totara Engage has been innovative and a great challenge for us that, with Actua's support, we have brought to fruition and continues to grow".

Pedro José Álvarez Díaz Product Specialist

Totara Engage combines seamlessly with Totara Learn and Totara Perform to create a corporate training and development ecosystem


The most innovative elearning platform, with creative and adaptable functionalities that will allow you to design unique learning experiences.

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The solution for better performance management, increased productivity and achievement of objectives.

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