Customized elearning content that adapts to the needs of the modern learner

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Tailor-made training solutions for unique learning needs

We create customized elearning content that inspires and enhances employee engagement and increases organizational impact. We focus on people and what they need to solve challenges and we do this by employing creative digital learning that keeps learners engaged and motivated.


Gamification to stimulate the training of your students

Improve your students' engagement with the use of game mechanics.

Gamification is an excellent resource for introducing content or training in specific skills in an enjoyable and stimulating way. We can create games with questions, use timers, implement a scoring system or generate virtual scenarios.

Immersive on-the-job training with storytelling and interactive videos



With storytelling we offer learners greater realism, an immersive journey, more sophisticated interactions and greater visual and auditory impact. Role-playing scenarios facilitates the practice of the skills your students will need in the workplace.


Interactive videos

Interactive videos offer a powerful and engaging way to show knowledge, processes, skills and behaviors in action. They help decision making, behavioral changes and explain processes and concepts.

Our creation process


We start with a thorough analysis of the real need of the project, of the objective to be achieved with the project. Our consultants will work with your team to find the most appropriate format to generate impact on future users.


Our instructional designers will apply innovative learning methodologies supported by the science of education.


Our teams of graphic designers, layout designers and multimedia experts will implement the selected e-learning solution. We will make the multi-language versions and help you with the implementation in your technological environment.


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An expert can show you how we have helped other companies implement an elearning content strategy that works.

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"We had our first experience creating E-Learning content with Actua, and the result has far exceeded our expectations and those of our users. I would highlight not only the final result, but also the professionalism and the unbeatable accompaniment process of the Actua team."

Ursula Jaén Product & Business Development Specialist


Stuart scaled learning globally and enabled digitization of the Ambassador Program
Ophtec creates highly visual and impactful content for their Sales Workforce
Course “How to Build an Effective Service Company” for Coursera

Other services for your training and development strategy

Strategic Consulting

We study your learning needs to create a customized strategy and action plan together with your team.

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Elearning platforms

We design a training space that adapts precisely to the specific needs of your business and offers freedom to both the company and the employee.

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Instructional Design

We turn your teams into creators of online learning experiences with the principles of Instructional Design applied to elearning.

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