We create elearning ecosystems that adapt to your objectives and people's needs

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We are pioneers in developing learning experiences based on Totara TXP and Moodle

We design a training space that adapts precisely to the specific needs of your company, and offers freedom to both the organization and the users.

What is your training project?


Onboarding processes

Help people joining your team get up to speed when they start with customized itineraries for each user profile.


Skills development

Design a learning strategy that motivates people to explore new qualities and capabilities to become empowered, engaged and discover their full potential.


Extended Enterprise

Offer an elearning space to your network of customers, franchisees, distributors and other external users to boost their development.


Performance management

Align people development plans with the strategic needs of your organization.


Engagement and Culture

Create a training ecosystem to develop your team's corporate culture and engagement with gamification and social learning.


Commercial teams

Connects the entire sales network on a platform that enables collaboration and growth with tailored training.


In the face of constant change, our platform adapts to your business

Success in today's world depends on your ability to respond and adapt to rapid change. Learning technology, now more than ever, plays a crucial role in preparing your organization for tomorrow.

Our elearning solutions are perfectly adapted to the size and nature of your business model. We provide an excellent user experience, the ability to measure results and the support of an unbeatable support service.

We are experts in implementing the platform that fits your organization and your team


Totara Talent Experience Platform

Totara TXP is an open source elearning platform for the corporate sector. It is a very flexible platform, and offers total freedom to innovate and to adapt to the specific needs of both organizations and individuals.

With Totara Learn, improve employee engagement, ensure compliance and achieve results across your organization.

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A learning tool based
on user freedom

The learning experience cannot be limited either by the tool or by the company's objectives. For the experience to be satisfactory and enjoyable for your team, it must be the users themselves who decide where, when and where they want to direct their learning.

Totara TXP provides total autonomy for both the company and individuals.

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Actua LMS

Our enhanced version of Moodle offers extended functionality for educational needs.

Actua LMS has a very advanced graphic design, a user-friendly interface and a very powerful reporting system.

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"With Totara Learn, a world opens up for us, and we only use 30% of the platform. If you want to take advantage of it, it offers many possibilities. Actua Solutions constantly encourages us to experiment with content and ideas, and we now feel very confident to try innovative activities and courses."

Juan José Prieto Director of Training and Development


Kids&Us transforms all its face-to-face training to elearning for thousands of teachers worldwide
Revlon creates highly visual and mobile content for hair salon network
Glovo implements LMS in three months to offer training to a growing workforce

Other services for your training and development strategy

Strategic Consulting

We study your learning needs to create a customized strategy and action plan together with your team.

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Elearning Content

Our top talent will work with you in a co-creation process to design unique elearning content for your organization.

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Instructional Design

We turn your teams into creators of online learning experiences with the principles of Instructional Design applied to elearning.

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