Glovo is an on-demand home delivery service company founded in Spain and currently operating throughout Europe, Latin America and Africa. Your delivery drivers can pick up and deliver any item, such as pharmacy products, groceries or beverages (even items forgotten at home) via your app.

Their most popular service is home food delivery, but their unique app has a button called "whatever" that, as the name suggests, allows you to order "whatever" you need.

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The challenge

Improving the skills of workers in a growing business

Glovo is present in more than 20 countries and has more than 3,400 customer service agents in 15 different locations. These agents play a very important role, as they are the link between the main stakeholders, such as:

  • Customers requesting the items
  • Delivery drivers delivering items
  • And the associated restaurants/shops
Due to the increased demand for delivery services through its app and its extensive workforce, which is a critical part of serving the needs of its stakeholders, Glovo needed to ensure that its agents received up-to-date, country, region or role-specific training.

Unfortunately, its previous learning management system (LMS), LearnUpon, limited Glovo's ability to manage and deliver courses that met the needs of its growing business. The two main obstacles were:

Notification of discrepancies
LearnUpon's LMS-based platform did not provide accurate information about the number of agents who had taken the assessments or viewed the relevant documentation.

Lack of public control

Glovo could not offer specific training to a certain demographic of its diverse workforce. For example, a mandatory safety course for delivery drivers was automatically assigned to agents and internal staff, which generated confusion and embarrassment.

"LearnUpon is a great platform for a startup, but after the first year, you need to move to a more suitable LMS platform like Totara learn." - Miquel Gomez, Glovo's Global Training Manager.

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Our proposal

A scalable learning platform

To continue to grow, Glovo needed to offer training courses tailored to its audience.

"We were expanding and needed to adapt our platform."

With Actua Solutions, Totara Partner, Glovo studied different learning management systems and chose Totara Learn to create a unique standalone learning platform called eVolve.

Thanks to Totara Learn's audience and structure management features, Glovo can now create and deliver basic and technical training courses with customized images, descriptions and durations, among other features. These functions have been adapted to their service agents according to the different regions of the world.

Each course begins with an introduction to the objectives and then uses a series of engaging presentations, videos and learning modules to provide a satisfying learning experience.

After completing the course, users receive a certificate and a "satisfaction survey" to evaluate and give their opinion on the training course. In this way, participants are motivated to assess the effectiveness of each course and provide valuable feedback.

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The results


Specific training for a diverse and dynamic workforce

Valuable audience management, notification and content management features enabled Glovo to develop an effective training program in 9 different languages to continuously welcome and enhance the skills of a global and diverse workforce.

And despite launching at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and seeing the number of team members reduced, Glovo's new training platform (eVolve) went live in record time and achieved spectacular results. In less than two months:

  • It opened a platform for each country in which it operated.
  • Successfully created more than 800 courses.
  • He entered more than 8,000 questions in his knowledge base.
Glovo's platform currently has more than 4,000 active users, around twelve new training sessions are published every month and its courses boast an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 4.5/5.

Further down the road, the training team will look into including social learning and gamification to improve employee engagement.

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