Grünenthal is a German pharmaceutical company, number one in the treatment of pain in our country. Its priority is to improve the health and quality of life of patients suffering from pain.

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The challenge

In their project to bring pain treatment closer to both health professionals and people who suffer from it on their own skin, they highlighted a wide variety of online courses offered from different training platforms, each with different technology and functionalities. Thus, the initial objective of the project with Actua Solutions was to unify all this training offer scattered among several websites into a single e-learning platform, aimed at scientific training on pain for various profiles of healthcare professionals.

Grünenthal needed an LMS that was scalable and integrated with other systems to facilitate the end-user experience. In addition, the courses offered had to be accredited by the " Commission for Continuing Education of the National Health System "to offer additional value to the healthcare community. This is how was born

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Our proposal

New-look Moodle platform, flexible and integrated with OWA

Actua Solutions proposed the implementation of a Moodle platform with a great usability and with contents and activities that would offer an extra value to the training proposal. Thus, we worked on a platform design that would offer a pleasant and integrated user experience. On the other hand, through a pedagogical consultancy, several course formats were designed according to the content of the course, as well as additional functionalities to make the visualization of the progress of the content easier.

To simplify the end-user experience, the Moodle platform was integrated with Grünenthal's authentication system for healthcare professionals, which is based on OWA (IQVIA's Onekey Web Authentication) and allows registered users to access this and other platforms with the same credentials.

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Accredited courses for different health profiles

One of the main values of Pain Education is to offer accredited pain courses so that physicians and nurses can use these credits in public employment exchanges. In order to obtain this accreditation it was necessary to adapt the graphic design of the platform and adapt the contents to the regulations of the ' Consell Català de la Formació Continuada de les Professions Sanitàries '.

Filters were activated on the platform according to users' professional profiles, ensuring that each user receives training appropriate to his or her professional category. Users can also easily review their evaluations and activity history.

The results


Pain Education is a platform that has helped, since its creation, more than 50,000 healthcare professionals to be trained in the management and treatment of pain. In the last year alone, more than 15,500 users have accessed the platform with very positive feedback on the experience.

It currently has 6 pain courses, but Grünenthal expects to reach 10 courses before the end of the year.

In the future, Grünenthal plans to explore the use of more modern and dynamic formats for elearning content with the support of Actua Solutions and its expertise with authoring and content creation tools.

Grünenthal counts on Actua Solutions as a partner for partner thanks to its extensive knowledge of Moodle technology, versions, modules and possible integrations with other external systems. In addition, they value very positively the role played by Actua Solutions as a specialist guide in obtaining accreditation for the courses. Also key was the rapid technical support obtained during project implementation, given the wide range of needs.

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