Certified Training in Instructional Design and Articulate 360 for Organizations

Learn how to create inspiring elearning with the
only 100% online Articulate Certified Course in English & Spanish

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Train with us to become an expert creator of elearning courses

Our trainers will help you master the fundamentals of Instructional Design and the Articulate 360 tool in no time to create interactive and engaging elearning courses that achieve organizational goals.

We are the only partner certified by Articulate in Articulate 360 Training and Instructional Design.


Instructional Design Training

Learn instructional design applied to corporate elearning. With this course you will acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to create an engaging online course from start to finish.


Articulate 360 Training

Discover how to use Articulate 360 products to create innovative and interactive digital learning. Whether you're new or experienced, this hands-on Articulate 360 training gets you ready to hit the ground. Course in English & Spanish.

Instructional Design
Training Objectives

All the knowledge you need to create elearning courses
that meet your training needs.


Create dynamic content at an advanced level


Get to know the best elearning methodologies


Identify best practices for course design and discover the importance of storyboarding


Understands scenario-based learning as an effective form of adult learning

Empower your team to create inspirational learning experiences

The Instructional Design course offers many exercises, examples and a lot of tips to learn how to improve the quality of your elearning content, graphic design and the effectiveness of your online training courses.

Designs, develops and delivers learning experiences for any audience, to meet different needs, styles and objectives.


Instructional Design Training Characteristics

Articulate 360 Training

Learn how to create inspiring elearning with the only 100% online Articulate certified course in Spain in English & Spanish


Get to know the Articulate 360 tools


Gain the knowledge necessary to operate the tools of the Articulate 360 suite with proficiency.


Create advanced dynamic content


Developing interactive and branching content and activities


To know what variables are and how they work


Create animation paths


Develop Rise courses and learn how to use Articulate tools: Peek, Content Library, Articulate Review and Replay.


Learn in both Spanish and English with the method approved by Articulate

We help you become a creator of online learning experiences

We offer both online and classroom training on Articulate products with our certified trainers who will help you master the tool in a very short time.

In our Actua Learn Campus, you will be trained in all Articulate tools with video tutorials created by our certified experts.


Articulate 360 Training Features


Storyline 360° Basic Course

Learn how to use all the essential features of Storyline 360 to create effective online content.

2 live sessions of 30'-40'.
20 hours
English & Spanish

Storyline 360 Advanced Course

Discover the world of variables and animations. Master the key tools to build fully interactive elearning courses.

2 live sessions of 30'-40'.
15 hours
English & Spanish

Articulate 360 course

Build complete courses using Rise 360 and supplement these blocks with content using all Articulate® 360 tools - Peek, Articulate Review and Replay.

1 30'-40' live session
10 hours
English & Spanish

Do you want to learn about Instructional Design and Articulate 360?

We offer an elearning training with all the skills you need to create a course from start to finish.

Instructional Design Training

Learn in 30 hours how to create a script, storyboard, assessments and games with video tutorials, live online sessions and hands-on exercises.

Complete Articulate 360 training

Discover in 45 hours how to take full advantage of the Articulate 360 Suite, as well as all the tools you need to create elearning content.

Train your teams to learn how to create quality elearning courses

Contact us so that our experts can explain all the options available, both for individuals and groups, online or in person.

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"Despite the many options and possibilities that the Articulate 360 Suite has for creating content, the training is so well structured and dosed that it becomes very easy to follow."

Lóan Poulet Fernández Training Technician

"In this training I found the tutorials very enriching, as they give you the possibility to solve doubts and share experiences that go beyond the purely theoretical content of the course."

Lorena Lopez Instructional Designer

"Complete and very well explained training, with a lot of detail on the key elements of the tools. Very useful to start developing content and get an idea of the possibilities Storyline offers."

Amaia Etayo Justice Elearning Consultant Specialist in Digital Training

"Clear, simple and well-ordered training. Helps learning."

Esther Encinas Benito Dept. Training Social Area


Stuart scaled learning globally and enabled digitization of the Ambassador Program
Ophtec creates highly visual and impactful content for their Sales Workforce
Course “How to Build an Effective Service Company” for Coursera

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