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With creative and adaptable features that allow you to design unique learning experiences

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What is Totara Learn?

Totara Learn is an open source elearning platform for the corporate sector that offers the freedom to innovate and adapt to the specific needs of organizations and individuals.

Totara Learn improves employee engagement, ensures compliance and achieves results across the organization.

Totara Learn enhances the learning experience of your employees


Flexible, easy to use and manage

All Totara Learn functionality on any device. Create innovative, visually advanced course formats.


Customize as much as necessary

A customized environment is much more than choosing colors or a logo. Extends the functionality of the learning management system (LMS) without any limitations.


Relevant training according to the profile

Specific access to training relevant to each student. Personalized itineraries based on the user and the skills associated with his or her job.


Integrate Totara Learn with all your systems

Reports and graphs

Check the effectiveness of your training programs with Totara's advanced reports.

API Integrations

It connects Totara Learn with all existing HR tools, such as SAP, Workday or any other.

Single sign-on

Easy access with Microsoft, Google or Facebook.

Certificates and Fundae

Manage your employees' certifications and Fundae bonuses.

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Why choose Totara Learn over other LMSs on the market?

icono Gives you the freedom to create a unique space that proprietary solutions don't offer

icono It is the LMS with the greatest flexibility to develop any specific functionality.

icono It is an adaptable and strategic solution for an unpredictable future.

icono It has powerful pedagogical tools for an enriching experience.

Discover how Totara Learn works

Totara Learn allows you to meet the training needs of your organization with a corporate training and development ecosystem.

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Discover how Totara Learn works


"We highlight Actua's ability to think out of the box, with maximum freedom, without limitations, a philosophy also shared by Wallbox. Actua's quick response time, support and specific support and above all their friendliness, the constant good treatment of any doubt or question."

Guido Bosi Training Engineer

Totara Learn combines seamlessly with Totara Engage and Totara Perform to create a corporate training and development ecosystem.


An LXP to connect, collaborate and share knowledge and experience among users.

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The solution for better performance management, increased productivity and achievement of objectives.

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