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Unleash the potential of internship programs with Totara

9 de May de 2024

Talent shortage is the challenge for many companies in need of professionals with specific skills.

Developing internal talent allows you to foster innovation and secure a competitive advantage in a changing business landscape where qualified professionals are hard to come by.

How can you do it with our solutions?

  • Integrating formal and practical learningEnsures comprehensive learning that prepares employees for real challenges.
  • Personalizing learningBased on specific audiences, which improves program relevance and effectiveness.
  • Giving importance to mentoringMentoring is a key component of successful internship programs.
  • Doing continuous evaluationEncourages the use of formative and summative evaluations to effectively measure progress and adjust strategies.
  • Encouraging lifelong learningAdopting a lifelong learning approach, which is crucial in a constantly changing professional environment.

This Totara ebook provides a comprehensive guide for those companies wishing to implement or improve their internship programs, highlighting how Totara’s technology can facilitate and enrich this process thanks to its Talent Experience Platform.

Download the guide today!