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Totara confirms its strength and repeats as Core Leader in Fosway 9-Grid 2024

14 de March de 2024
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Fosway Group, a leading European HR consultancy specializing in next generation HR, talent and learning, has just published its latest annual report on learning systems for the European and UK market.. In the multidimensional study Fosway 9-Grid for Learning Systems 2024The new program, issued by the company in March of this year, includes a grill in the form of a ranking in which the main suppliers in the learning technology sector stand out.

By studying the type of learning solutions (generic or specialist suites), their greater or lesser presence in the market, and a scale based on the total subscription cost of each of the technological solutions analyzed, the consulting firm places the companies in the sector in one position or another.

2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ Learning Systems

Totara once again obtains an important position in the prestigious annual grid of the Human Resources consulting firm Fosway, together with the major global solutions.

In the case of Totara, partner exclusive technology of Actua for Spain, Fosway Group once again underlines the importance of the New Zealand technology company’s role in the Training and Development sector, both in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. One more year, Totara remains as Core Leader in the market analyzed, standing out as one of the leading and most innovative suppliers in the category of training technology solutions.

UK company highlights in its 2024 report the powerful irruption of AI into learning solutions within the L&D sector

It is worth noting that the consulting firm indicates that the new potential of technological tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)are driving advances in companies and suppliers, even though the market is in an uncertain global financial context. The Fosway 9-Grid 2024 report also notes that learning solution providers have integrated AI into their new tools, while corporations, which tend to be much larger in size and therefore demand greater operational complexity when it comes to implementing the innovations offered by the market, are introducing this new technology cautiously and are not yet using it in some key areas of their business organization charts.

The prestigious British consulting firm also wanted to highlight the constant evolution of learning experience (LX) systems thanks to the use of AI, and the growth of demand in this area by many customers. In terms of adaptive learning, Fosway Group has detected a growing interest in the personalization aspect.

In light of the study published for this 2024, David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, wanted to underline the two axes on which the current market pivots: rapid acceleration in technological innovation within the HD sector, with the disruptive and revolutionary advent of AI, and the prioritization of learning based on human capital management.