Schneider Electric is a European company operating worldwide. It offers digital energy and automation solutions for greater efficiency and sustainability.

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The challenge

The challenge Schneider Electric implements annual training programs, covering key areas of compliance. The organization was looking for a new way to convey to all employees the importance of Cybersecurity practices. Today, in our digital world, cybersecurity is of vital importance. With 80,000 employees to reach, the challenge was to motivate employees to learn about cyber awareness and improve mandatory compliance training across the company. Key challenges: - Create realistic examples that people will relate to - Reaching a large global workforce within a specific time frame - Motivating employees to participate in training - Help employees remember what they have learned for a longer period of time.


Our proposal

Spending time at the beginning of the project analyzing requirements and conducting stakeholder interviews really paid off in terms of developing ideas and a well-supported script.

The solution created was an interactive course made with Articulate Storyline that resembles the Schneider Electric offices. The mechanics of the course were developed to advance employees through several levels to become a safety engineer. At each level, they are presented with relevant examples that will help them prevent any real-life cybersecurity incidents.

The use of this immersive and gamified framework helped to engage employees and update their knowledge of key behaviors and threats.


The results


The course was translated into 13 languages, including Chinese, Indonesian and Russian, and implemented throughout the organization.

The course received an average score of 4.7 out of 5 and has had excellent overall feedback.

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