Eurofirms Group is the leading Spanish human resources company, third in the sector in Spain, and recognized by The Financial Times as one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe. With 30 years of experience, the multinational company, with a team of more than 1,400 people, bases its management on a values-based leadership model. It is currently present in 7 countries, has more than 150 work centers and every day contributes to the creation of employment for 27,000 people through its business lines, Eurofirms People first, Claire Joster, CornerJob and Eurofirms Foundation.

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The challenge

Design training itineraries for each role in the various lines of business.

Eurofirms had its own internal e-learning platform, but it did not offer the flexibility and functionalities that the company wanted. In addition, the company also had an online space, but it was disintegrated in different structures, for example, the GDPR course was in a platform of a provider, the occupational risk prevention course in another, etc. Thus, the platform available to Eurofirms was not visual or intuitive, and did not offer clear itineraries, so the user was lost throughout the training design.

Make the training area a point of reference for the organization.

Eurofirms Group has opted for a transformation in the learning culture, integrating training in a single point and achieving an efficient management of team development with quality content and offering an excellent training experience.

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Our proposal

Technological capabilities in training itineraries

In order to detect the training needs of the team, Eurofirms Group began the transformation process by consulting its employees. As a result of this active listening, the company launched the platform with the most in-demand content such as languages, digital competencies or teamwork-related skills. Gradually, all the internal training that Eurofirms develops on an ongoing basis related to the activity of the different business lines has also been integrated.

In the first phase, the online courses were conducted through Teams, which prevented a comprehensive follow-up of the training. With the implementation of an e-learning platform based on Totara, Eurofirms Group has been able to offer its employees customized learning paths with training specifically designed for each job position. This strategy goes hand in hand with the continuous training that integrates the GoodHabitz external catalog to offer resources in personal development related to essential aspects for the company such as employee wellbeing, communication skills, leadership or healthy living habits.


In addition, the company also concentrates from this same platform the courses that are carried out to update content to the teams, being able to efficiently track attendance with a single point of control of the training.

The ability to create educational itineraries, as well as the flexibility and adaptability of the platform have been key in the company's commitment to Totara. In addition, Eurofirms Group values very positively its partnership with Actua, for the treatment, accompaniment and organization in the implementation of the new training design, internalizing the key needs of the company.

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The results


More than 95% of the team has accessed the new platform.

Among the objectives achieved since the implementation of the new training platform, Eurofirms highlights these four points:

- Launching of the Eurofirms University integrated training platform.
- Own training content thanks to the Articulate tool
- Integration of the Microsoft Teams tool with the platform for conducting online courses.
- Audiovisual content in the training catalog

Eurofirms University is the name given to the company's training platform. This software is aimed at all Eurofirms Group professionals, inside and outside Spain, so the training platform has been deployed in all countries where the company is present. As a recent example, in 2023, Eurofirms opened offices in France, Peru and Brazil, implementing the training environment for these countries from the outset. Thus, the training and development of talent is part of the group's strategic commitment, as well as its internationalization plan.

With regard to its implementation, it should be noted that by the year 2022, more than 95% of the team members had already accessed the new learning platform.

The project continues to evolve. The new challenges include incorporating external training in University through the use of tenants, and internally, presenting training in a differentiated manner in the 7 countries, promoting coordinated management in each one, the adaptation of courses and personalized communications. It is the clear example of the continuous improvement of your TXP, which grows as your company expands, an adaptive TXP in constant growth and improvement.

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"We have opted to develop our own solution for the professional training of people, which fits our real needs and integrates our entire knowledge base and experience in a single digital space. It's not corporate culture, it's learning culture."

Anna Vila University Officer