Grup Pyrénées Andorra is the leading company in the retail sector in the Andorran market. Founded 75 years ago by the Perez family, the group is an exclusive wholesale distributor and importer of major brands of electronics and accessories, a wholesaler of food products (Horeca distribution) and a retail distributor in department stores, department stores and supermarkets. In addition, the group is a distributor of commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles, has a travel agency, a consumer credit company and also operates in the insurance sector.

The Pyrénées Andorra Group is the first commercial brand of the Principality. With a turnover of 225 million euros, the Pyrénées Group accounts for 9% of the country's annual GDP.

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The challenge

The transformation of the corporate training culture

The Pyrénées Group's previous training model was focused on onboarding processes, rather than on the comprehensive and up-to-date training of its teams. Team turnover in a retail company with 1,500 people and 300 different jobs is high, so most of the training resources were allocated to new recruits, in addition to compliance, occupational health and safety and some issues related to language training.

This training was scarce and ad hoc, instead of offering continuous and regular instruction to any member of the team, regardless of their professional category. Thus, one of the priorities pursued with the new model was to reach all employees. In addition, Pyrénées wanted the training to help them align the workforce with the company's cultural change and to spark their staff's interest in becoming better professionals.

Flexibility, scalability and customization

With Pyrénées' corporate training needs in mind, we were looking for an instructional design and a platform that would provide the flexibility to create adaptive training itineraries according to the strategic urgency and the typology of the different groups that make up the company's workforce. Pyrénées wanted the training to be scalable, to be able to continue growing in an orderly and solid way, and they also wanted to be able to work on the customization of their training content and corporate image, to make it recognizable and enjoyable, introducing gamification as one of the formulas to attract their audience.

"Learning is part of the business, we cannot act only in a reactive way, training based on the needs that the businesses are transferring to us and the budget they have. All this made us consider the implementation of elearning software." Ester Cusiné, Grup Pyrénées' People Director

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Our proposal

An integrated learning ecosystem on a unified digital platform

We started with a strategic consultancy in order to understand the challenges, opportunities and technical and human requirements. We worked hand in hand with Pyrénées on what not only the digital learning platform should look like, but also the training strategy.

Actua and Pyrénées have created a learning ecosystem integrated with the group's main tools, in which, for example, the HR ERP and the training management application are mandatory, and in which the registration of classroom training has been integrated into the same environment.


Standardization of training programs

Standardization has been achieved in Grup Pyrénées' onboarding programs and training courses, organizing previously segregated content. Due to the flexibility and customization capacity of the Totara platform, it is worth mentioning that the entire training development has been customized at the design, process, operations and integration levels.

With the new platform and Actua's support, Pyrénées has been able to deepen its metrics, achieving greater traceability and data mining capacity at the analytical level. In this way, it has been possible to measure the success of the different programs and courses implemented by the company.


Gamification to drive engagement

As for the motivational aspect of the training design, gamification has been used, including an instructional itinerary based on achievements that are translated into points. These points, called "Piry-points", can be exchanged for products or services offered by Grup Pyrénées, thus reinforcing the brand image while making it closer and more accessible to its employees.

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The results


100% of the workforce has already received formal and mandatory training

Grup Pyrénées has transformed its training approach with the support of Actua and its technology partner Totara. The 8 strategic training axes are now integrated into a single platform, allowing users to create their own learning paths. These blocks cover areas such as Customer, Culture, Management, Sustainability, Technology, Soft skills, Compliance and Languages. Thanks to this plan, 100% of the workforce has received training. The company also offers voluntary courses to motivate employees.

Notable achievements include the launch of the Pyrénées Training platform, a catalog of more than 100 open-access courses from Good Habitz, proprietary content created with Articulate, integration of past courses into the new platform and video content through collaboration with Actua.

The company continues to implement its training resources with 17 onboarding programs and 15 programs for other groups on the Pyrénées Training platform, which already has 975 active users. Internal metrics and surveys show high user satisfaction, with 75% approval for onboarding programs in March.

Heavy users stand out as having completed all training activities and want more content. Grup Pyrénées has ambitious objectives, such as standardizing the daily use of the platform, consolidating the creation of content for specific groups, developing a mobile application, improving manager training and creating specialized training pills for its employees. These advances demonstrate its commitment to the continuous development and education of its personnel.

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