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Actua Solutions will partner with Food Delivery Brands to implement a new e-learning platform for more than 10,000 Telepizza employees.

26 de October de 2022
3 min


Actua Solutions is pleased to announce that it will be the new elearning partner of Food Delivery Brands, a leading restaurant and home delivery group that operates brands such as Telepizza, Pizza Hut, Jeno’s Pizza or Apache Pizza in 32 countries through a network of more than 2,500 establishments.

The group, which in recent years has accelerated its digital transformation by implementing new technologies to make its procedures more efficient, will centralize its brand onboarding training Telepizza in Spain, Portugal and Chile with Actua Solutions as a partner, with a single learning management system (LMS) to create a sense of brand ownership in all three markets.

Food Delivery Brands will use Totara Learn as its online training platform for this international project of the Telepizza brand because of the flexibility it offers them to adapt to their unique ecosystem, creating training paths valid for both internal and franchisees. Its new LMS, University Telepizza, will enable employees to be trained in a very efficient way and to access the latest news on processes and products in an agile way.

Some of the Totara Learn features and functionalities that Telepizza will implement include badges and microlearning as part of a gamification and engagement strategy. In addition, there will be integration with your PR to be able to import both internal and franchise users.

Marta Consonni, Global Head of Talent and Development at Food Delivery Brands, says: “Food Delivery Brands has the great challenge of providing consistent training for all employees who start working with us. For this project for the Telepizza brand, we have chosen Actua Solutions as a partner because of their extensive experience in scalable and adaptable learning management systems, which will allow us to connect with employees in all three markets”.


Adriana Bertolani, Marketing Director of Actua Solutions, commented: “We are delighted to be able to help Marta Consonni in this new challenge that will be a lever for improvement and employee engagement”.

Food Delivery Brands expects to be able to offer to all the people who work for the Telepizza brand agile, current and adapted to their needs, through systems that help them to improve the employee experience.

Food Delibery Brands and its Telepizza brand join other successful Actua Solutions clients such as Glovo, Grupo Planeta, Stuart, Kids&Us, Wallbox and Charles River Laboratories.

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