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Actua Solutions announces the launch of Totara Talent Experience Platform

19 de October de 2020
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A multifunctional talent management platform that enables organizations to develop and attract talent to take the company to the top.


Barcelona, October 19, 2020 – Actua Solutions has announced the launch of Totara Talent Experience Platform: an integrated solution that combines an elearning platform that enhances training capabilities with a novel learning experience platform and a new performance management system. Totara Talent Experience Platform has been designed from the ground up to enable organizations to provide their employees with valuable training experiences that reduce the learning curve and increase employee performance.

The distribution of Totara Talent Experience Platform marks a milestone in the company’s evolution. Totara has gone a step further. From its flagship product, Totara Learn, a revolutionary learning management system (LMS) used by more than 1,800 organizations worldwide, it has moved on to present an integrated offering consisting of three powerful platforms: Totara Learn, Totara Engage and Totara Perform. The combination of these three platforms offers the employee a unified experience that brings together the fundamental elements that both organizations and individuals need to thrive and succeed: learning, engagement, collaboration, high performance and productivity.

“Leading organizations understand that learning and performance management must be closely linked. However, the myriad systems they rely on to support the all-important learning and development functions are often disparate and complex to integrate,” says Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara, adding, “We created this platform to help organizations deliver a unified talent experience that facilitates the exciting learning and continuous performance management that employees and organizations need to drive personal, professional and business growth.

If you want to know more about Totara Talent Experience Platform visit the Actua Solutions website.

Totara Learn

Totara LearnThe eLearning platform, proven and trusted by thousands of users around the world, overcomes the limitations of traditional learning management systems (LMS) with an adaptable and scalable enterprise solution that meets any organization’s learning and performance requirements in a cost-effective way. With a multi-enterprise architecture, a mobile application, a modern user interface and dozens of updated features, Totara Learn enables organizations:

  • manage compliance in relation to customized reporting that automatically keeps stakeholders informed at all times;
  • assign and customize learning and adjust training according to group, role, team, equipment, skills, etc., also automatically;
  • motivate learners and encourage collaborative problem solving through one-stop learning.

Totara Engage

While formal learning is a fundamental component of any training experience, organizations must also consider the importance of informal learning and collaboration to improve the outcome of training programs. It is very important that learning, whether formal or informal, is provided along with the workflow. In this way, the learner is directed to find and seek out the right training, information and resources at the right time and place.

Thanks to its easy and intuitive operation, Totara’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) provides learners with a collaborative and enriching environment in which employees can discover and share resources, knowledge and their valuable learning experiences. The platform not only encourages the creation and sharing of personalized learning paths, but also fosters the improvement of skills and performance. With Totara Engage, students and organizations can:

  • combine formal learning with informal and social learning to increase engagement and collaboration;
  • build a connected culture by sharing knowledge across the organization;
  • reduce the learning curve thanks to customized lists and resources, which have been selected from different channels and can be enjoyed on any device;
  • train students at the most appropriate time.

Totara Perform

The best performance management system in existence offers an organization the possibility of setting its own course and adapting its practices to the culture and work context. Totara Perform focuses on adaptability and productivity. This system accepts the full range of performance practices, whether traditional or modern. This system also includes annual reviews, ongoing performance management, detailed feedback, regular communication, evaluations and much more.

Totara Perform enables organizations to be able to:

  • maintain high performance through record-keeping and feedback, as well as setting company-set targets for employees and teleworkers in an intelligent way;
  • set clear objectives and produce measurable results to create a performance culture;
  • develop a resilient and agile workforce with the flexibility and power of modern performance management;
  • align departmental and organizational management objectives through better visibility and reporting on your performance management process.

Totara Talent Experience Platform is now available. The Totara Learn, Totara Engage and Totara Perform platforms can be used together or separately, giving organizations the flexibility to create, section by section, an effective experience that merges exciting learning and performance management.

If you want to know more, please contact Actua Solutions at comercial@actuasolutions.com.

About Actua Solutions

We help organizations achieve their strategic objectives with leading training and development solutions. We offer open source elearning platforms such as Moodle and Totara customized to meet the most specific needs and develop inspiring, motivating and results-driven elearning content.
Our mission is to design better learning experiences for better results; establishing collaborative and trusting relationships with our clients by helping them in the definition and continuous development of their online training project.

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About Totara

Totara develops technologies for employee engagement, learning and performance that enable large multinationals, government entities and medium-sized companies to deliver enterprise-level talent and work experiences. Totara’s Talent Experience Platform integrates a revolutionary learning management system (LMS), a user-centric learning experience platform (LXP) and a complete performance management system into a single architecture with high adaptability. Totara’s flexible architecture gives organizations the freedom to innovate and to choose, and allows access to precious resources to reinvest in what really matters.