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We won the award for Best Healthcare EMEA Project at the Totara 2022 Awards.

9 de May de 2022
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Every year, Totara Learning recognizes the best and most innovative e-learning platform projects from around the world in different sectors.

Actua Solutions was the winner of the “Best Healthcare Project” for EMEA with the Charles River Laboratories Campus project.

With more than 19,000 employees in 22 countries and thousands more clients around the world relying on Charles River for their Training and Development needs, they needed a new way to ensure consistent learning and compliance with the pharmaceutical industry’s strong regulations.

The Charles River Campus project is an excellent example of a great challenge successfully achieved thanks to the team’s creativity and Charles River’s commitment.

Actua Solutions’ consultants quickly understood Charles River’s urgent needs and supported his team with helpful advice and a logical plan for the design, implementation and launch of the training platform. Its digital transformation has saved more than 11 million since implementation, with more than 40,000 registered users and more than 8,000 courses available.

Totara is flexible, adaptable and can scale with us. I have worked with the top 10 learning management systems over the past 19 years and Totara is, without a doubt, the easiest to use.” – Elton Machholz, Director of Training and Development, Charles River Laboratories

Crucially, Charles River worked extensively with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen in the development of their COVID-19 vaccines throughout the pandemic. They helped these vaccine suppliers bring their products to market safely, quickly and effectively, and played an invaluable role in the global rollout of vaccines.

Lars Hyland, General Manager – EMEA at Totara, says: “For most of us it has been a tumultuous couple of years, an experience that has radically altered the way we work. All of us at Totara are extremely proud and honored by the way our Talent Experience Platform has been used to deliver the right learning and performance support to the right people at the right time in a rapidly changing environment.

All of this year’s winners deserve great credit for taking advantage of the core flexibility of our software. However, a special mention must go to our healthcare customers who, with the help of partners, have been able to quickly scale up training in extremely difficult circumstances. In the future, flexible software is critical to managing business risk and staying competitive, so Totara is well positioned to become the vendor of choice.”

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Read the complete Case Study

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