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Wallbox has chosen Actua Solutions as a partner to implement a new e-learning platform for employees and distributors.

22 de February de 2022
3 min

Actua Solutions is pleased to announce that it will be the new elearning partner of Wallbox, a company dedicated to creating advanced energy management and electric vehicle charging systems that redefine the relationship between users and the electric grid.

Wallbox was looking to centralize its corporate training in a single learning management system (LMS) and extend its use also to distributors, installers and customer service. As well as introducing social and collaborative learning for all its employees following rapid growth in recent years.

They chose Totara Learn as their LMS because of the flexibility it has offered Wallbox to adapt to their unique ecosystem, along with its excellent customer and analyst ratings. Its new LMS, Wallbox Discovery, will allow employees to find and explore courses offered throughout the organization, as well as learn from their peers.

Some of the Totara Learn features and functionalities that Wallbox will implement include automation of administrative tasks, social learning, course management, notifications, gamification and more.

Vanesa Garcia, HR Development Manager at Wallbox, said: “Wallbox has always invested in the learning of its employees. However, the workforce has grown a lot in recent years and we wanted to look for an elearning platform so that our Wallboxers can make use of various courses and continue to develop their knowledge. We decided to implement the ‘Totara’ platform because of the flexibility they have given us in adapting to our ecosystem, and because of their good ratings in the market.”

Adriana Bertolani, Marketing and People Director at Actua Solutions, commented: “We are delighted to be working with a new Spanish unicorn like Wallbox and together we will create an elearning ecosystem where employees and distributors will find solutions that help them succeed.

Wallbox goes beyond the expected in electric vehicle charging to give users the power to control their consumption, save money and live more sustainably. They offer a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, business and public use.

Wallbox joins other successful clients of Actua Solutions that have bet on Totara Learn such as Grupo Planeta, Glovo, Stuart and Charles River Laboratories.

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