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Report on the current situation of Training and Development teams in organizations.

28 de December de 2023

Download our report on Learning and Development in organizations where you will find a detailed analysis to understand the current situation of L&D departments in Spanish companies.

This report is the result of a survey of 138 leading Spanish companies that will allow you to get a complete overview of the trends and strategies that are on the rise.

What does the report include?

Current Priorities and Strategies: You will understand the current strategic priorities in L&D, such as Professional Development, Onboarding & Reboarding, and Personal Development.

Technology and Digital Maturity: We will analyze the maturity in the use of learning technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Social Learning.

3. Budgets and Resources: How budgets are being invested in L&D departments to maximize performance.

4. Innovation in elearning: We will explore why specialized elearning solutions are more effective compared to traditional HR suites.

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