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Masterclass: AI in Learning

23 de April de 2024
2 min

AI is transforming work: How to prepare employees and companies?

AI is driving efficiency and productivity, but it is also changing the tasks employees perform.

It is crucial that Training and Development leaders understand how AI will impact their organization and develop strategies to prepare their employees.

Improve learning outcomes, optimize L&D operations and navigate the AI transformation effectively from Jon Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist at The LPI.

Join the “AI in Learning” Masterclass and get ready to successfully navigate the world of AI in Training and Development departments.

Take this opportunity to learn about:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the current state of AI
  • Innovative approaches to leading AI training initiatives in your organization
  • Strategic frameworks for AI-driven Training and Development Departments

Course details

  • Start date: June 18
  • Duration: 9 sessions over 6 weeks
  • Mode: Live online
  • Language: English
  • Can be subsidized with Fundae

What else will you learn?

  • Strategies for ethical adoption of AI and building AI-ready infrastructures.
  • Skills development within teams to improve learning outcomes and optimize L&D operations.
  • Leadership in AI transformation with a focus on scalable and sustainable results.

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