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Looking for more efficient performance evaluations? 24 phrases to put into practice

24 de November de 2020
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Creating evaluations that turn feedback, whether negative or positive, into productive performance reviews is a multifaceted process. As a manager, you will have to:

  • Sharing opportunities with the aim of improving
  • Provide motivation when needed
  • And support employee objectives

It is a task where there is much to reflect on and communicate, isn’t it?

Fortunately, we’ve included 24 performance appraisal phrases to help you write your next appraisal.

1. Performance evaluation phrases related to flexibility

In such an unstable world where digital evolution and transformations are the only predictable thing, flexibility is an essential feature. Employees must have the ability to adopt new processes, develop new skills and adapt to change. It is the way to create a workforce that is flexible and prepared for the future. Below, you will find evaluation phrases that you can use to describe an employee’s adaptability:

  • You have a willingness to change the way you work for the benefit of other team members.”
  • Easily adapts to internal or external changes.”
  • It has the ability to manage a variety of tasks.”

2. Performance review phrases related to communication

Communication reinforces employee engagement, which leads to better and higher employee retention. It also benefits the organization from an operational standpoint. Transparent communication clears bottlenecks, enables efficient problem solving and builds trust among co-workers. Use these phrases to review an employee’s communication skills:

  • Excels in group discussions and collaborative problem solving.”
  • Communicates clearly with all colleagues at all levels.”
  • Can discuss complicated problems and communicate an effective solution.”

3. Performance review phrases related to accountability.

Accountability is a fundamental trait that deserves to be highlighted in any performance evaluation. Demonstrates that the employee has mastery of his or her work, is proactive in correcting problems and puts maximum effort into each task. Use the following performance appraisal phases to describe an employee’s responsibility:

  • Often delivers work that does not require corrections or advice.”
  • Recognizes mistakes and informs others when it is not possible for him/her to fulfill a commitment.”
  • Learn from both mistakes and high quality work.”

4. Performance appraisal phrases related to attendance and punctuality.

Consistent punctuality and attendance are essential requirements in a high-performance work environment. Use these performance appraisal phrases to summarize an employee’s attendance and punctuality:

  • He is always on time for work, including meetings and conferences.”
  • His attendance record is very consistent and he is punctual with work deliveries.”
  • Be on time for work and always finish projects on time.”

5. Performance evaluation phrases related to productivity.

An employee’s productivity is a reflection of his or her level of commitment and alignment with the organization. It can also provide information on how you cope with a new workload or on your qualifications for a possible promotion. Keep these phrases in mind when summarizing an employee’s productivity in a performance appraisal:

  • You have completed project X and achieved X results.”
  • Shows great time management, organizational and problem solving skills.”
  • Achieves goals and achieves project objectives in a systematic manner.”

6. Performance evaluation phrases related to areas for improvement.

Regardless of how well an employee performs his or her job, there is always room for improvement. That said, managers should avoid making negative judgments and deliberately looking for weaknesses. Constructive criticism should be made only if it affects key operations. And they must always be accompanied by measures for improvement. For example, if an employee who normally has good productivity is delaying projects due to lack of communication with others, a manager could assign an action that encourages the employee to share a daily summary with the rest of the team. Try the following performance appraisal phrases to communicate areas for improvement:

  • “Heseems daunted by the new challenges and the prospect of seeking new solutions.”
  • Need to work on developing professional relationships with peers.”
  • He focuses more on what he can’t do than on solutions to complete tasks.”

The best system for performance management and effective appraisals

In most companies, performance appraisal comments are noted, briefly discussed at a meeting, and then buried, never to see the light of day again. However, this is a serious flaw in the performance management process. Observations should always be recorded in the performance management system. Totara Perform is a performance management system that, among many other things, allows you to record all observations. It monitors performance over time, identifies training gaps, performs accurate appraisals, and links employee objectives to organizational growth. If you need advice on a system to help you manage performance in your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.