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We will be present at Corporate Learning BCN 2024 with an international speaker

4 de April de 2024
2 min

On April 25, we will join industry leaders and Training and Development professionals at Corporate Learning Day 2024, organized by Equipos y Talento in Barcelona.

At Actua, we have always believed in the transformative power of training and how technology, especially AI, can amplify our abilities to learn and teach. This year, we are pleased to have a very special guest at this prestigious event, Jon Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist at the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) and Chair of the AI Learning Collective.

With extensive knowledge in the practical and strategic application of AI in the Training and Talent sector, Jon will share his experience and expertise on the adoption of artificial intelligence in organizations.

The paper, “It’s time for training and development to lead the adoption of AI in organizations.”promises to be a key moment in a day where we will focus on the leadership of training departments in the adoption of this disruptive technology in organizations.

We will highlight the need to proactively embrace AI to achieve future-proof training and development strategies and continuous innovation in all aspects.

We end with questions and answers on trends and applications of Artificial Intelligence in L&D, which will help us better understand its role in learning. So you can start preparing your question now!

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