Performs during COVID-19

16 de April de 2020
2 min

Free Webinars

Our mission is to help customers in their digital transformation, now more than ever the benefits of digital training environments will become a necessity for all organizations.

During the last three years, we have offered more than 40 free webinars that address different elearning topics because we think it is important to offer our clients more tools to make better online learning programs.

During the confinement, we have offered 4 webinars on very relevant topics: from the End of Flash to how to use video in elearning to increase your employees’ skills. If you have not seen them, request access here.


Teleworking and flexible hours

As a company that has the online world at its core, teleworking is an integrated practice that we had already implemented as a benefit for all employees.

When the pandemic started, it was very easy for our team to continue with their normal work activities. We have several tools for teleworking such as Slack, Google Drive and Zoom that allow us to continue with the projects of our clients and face new ones that have arisen with this situation.

The team can decide whether to start their workday earlier to finish earlier so they can enjoy their family and free time. You can enjoy the same benefit by teleworking to better organize yourself during these difficult times.


Fresh fruit

We have opted for the services of Refruiting, which delivers a basket of fresh fruit to the office every week, helping the balanced diet of our great Actua Solutions team.

During the confinement, we are happy to be able to donate our fruit to the Sagrat Cor (Sacred Heart) Hospital in Barcelona and do our bit where it is most needed.

Our team is all well, at home, and happy to be able to continue serving our customers.

#stayathome #work