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Mastering dynamic skill assessment and competency certification

18 de October de 2023

Are you looking for a robust and effective solution to optimize your organization’s skills assessment and competency certification processes?

Look no further! In this webinar Elton Machholz, Manager of Learning & Development at Charles River Laboratories, delves into the world of dynamic skills assessment and competency certification using the power of Totara.

He is accompanied by our Learning Solutions Consultant Ioanna Kakouratou, an expert in the implementation of certification, recertification and assessment activities.

What does the webinar offer?

  • Explore the efficient workflow for proper skill development.
  • Learn about the innovative six-level skills certification scale.
  • Discover the power and capabilities of Totara Learn & Perform
  • Learn how Charles River has achieved consistent results in a staggering 1,800 skills.

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