Human learning, people at the center

15 de September de 2023
2 min


Today’s rapid technological evolution and our ability to adapt do not always go hand in hand. In the case of training models for companies we find rigid, monotonous and depersonalized formulas that do not develop the human potential of the students, and therefore their companies do not benefit from the real capabilities of their teams.

At Actua we are committed to adapting to the future. We innovate in strategic consulting, offer revolutionary LMS, LXP and TXP elearning platforms, develop fully customized training content, and are specialists in instructional design training and Articulate.

Let’s learn to grow and prosper together. That is why at Actua we present our Human Learning proposal, based on designing collaborative, motivating and personalized training experiences, putting people at the center.

The key question in our industry is how to improve the training of my teams, and to answer it, Actua has created a digital ecosystem based on Open Source technology. We have forged partnerships with the leading elearning companies in the industry, such as Totara, Articulate, Vyond, GoodHabitz, and Zoom. And thanks to them and our knowledge of more than 19 years in the professional design of corporate training experiences, we believe we have the key to success.

Welcome to a new era in team building, to a new design in learning, welcome to Human Learning. In Actua we have understood that only when each of the individuals that make up a work group finds the training formula that suits him or herself, it will prosper. And it is then that the student will develop his full potential and talent, generating a business benefit for his company and progressing professionally on a personal level.

This is Actua’s Human Learning. Because what matters to us are the people.

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