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Educo relies on Actua to professionalize its training services for its more than 1,000 employees

10 de October de 2023
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Educo, an NGO dedicated to the protection of children’s rights through education in 14 countries, has chosen Actua to professionalize its training services for its more than 1,000 employees.

The objectives of the Educo NGO are to offer a continuous quality training and deepening the social learning of its employees and external stakeholdersThe company’s mission is to grow both nationally and internationally, and to strengthen its sustainability as a hybrid company, positioning the organization as a benchmark NGO in quality educational training within the social sector.

Actua has pointed out that both companies coincide in having at the center of their corporate strategy the formula
Human Learning
The two companies share the same vision of how to develop training strategies that put people first.

Educo has valued Actua’ s professionalism and proactivity, its exclusive technological alliance with Totara at a national level, Actua’s experience with other companies in the sector, and its attention to understanding the company’s short, medium and long term needs and objectives. According to the NGO, its partnership with Actua is part of a strategic initiative for the coming years, and will feature prominently in the company’s organizational development plan for the period 2024-2026.

José Manuel Guerrero, head of digital transformation of the NGO, wanted to highlight the reasons why they have entrusted their training design to Actua and why they have opted for Totara as the learning management system (LMS) for their training strategy, emphasizing that it is a a world-renowned platform that has proven to be very efficient with other companies in the sector.. It also points out that Totara meets the technical requirements demanded by the NGO at the instructional level, such as the customization of learning paths, an enjoyable student/tutor experience, offline access and completion of courses, high accessibility, mobile application availability, multilevel analytics, multienvironment adaptability and social learning functionalities.

Educo’s training project, in addition to meeting the needs of its employees and students, is open to collaborating entities and collaborating educational centers, private sector allies, sponsors and project partners, and third parties, both individuals and entities, projecting their training beyond their corporate limits, and committing to develop an extended company strategy to improve their efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about this collaboration between Educo and Actua, and how we are improving the training and development of organizations, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Actua. We’re here to answer your questions and work together to create training strategies that will drive the growth and success of your organization!Contact us today and let’s start building a strong and effective learning future for your company!