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Corporate Learning 2024

7 de May de 2024
3 min

What do you think of this video made with 99% AI?

We were at Corporate Learning BCN 2024, with Jon Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist at The LPI, who led the presentation “Training and Development: leading the adoption of AI in organizations”.

During the presentation, Jon Fletcher introduced the topic of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on learning and development, and the important opportunity for training departments to lead the way and help employees navigate this new wave.

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Fletcher mentioned that 41% of leaders do not feel prepared to meet the talent challenges posed by AI, highlighting the need for proactive skills development strategies.

We talked about the difference between augmenting our workflow with AI, which seeks to improve the way we work, and full automation, which is not expected to arrive for several years.

In addition, the concept of Performance Consultinga term that is not very widespread but which explains how to approach training with a focus on results. Would you like to see the full recording of the presentation? Request access to the recording by registering at Actua Learn.

At the beginning of the presentation, a video was projected that: “99% of the images in this video are made with artificial intelligence…. But the creativity and emotion, we have put it.”