Case Study: Snapfish combines Zoom and Skype for Business

5 de September de 2018
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Read this case study about Snapfish, a global photo sharing and printing service, where you can learn how it has combined Zoom and Skype to get the best of both worlds. Snapfish is a San Francisco-based company with offices in Colorado, Europe and Australia, and remote workers around the world. Snapfish offers photo products such as prints, photo books, cards and mugs.

Prior to integrating Zoom into its communications workflows, Snapfish used Skype for Business as its primary video conferencing service. While Skype for Business became a staple in Snapfish, especially in the instant messaging service, the audio and video quality was unreliable. This resulted in a great loss of productivity.

“We used to joke about waiting 15 minutes before a Skype meeting because that’s how long everyone needed to connect. At the end of the day, it’s a waste of 15 minutes of productivity time [para cada persona]. We had to force ourselves to move forward in an already fast-paced work environment; this disrupted our workflows and functions,” says Kenneth Lam, technical operations manager at Snapfish.

Snapfish started with a small Zoom pilot program. Quickly, more and more employees asked for accounts. In just two weeks, Zoom became an integral part of Snapfish communications without the need for any formal adoption program. Employees loved Zoom’s audio and video quality. Lam is impressed by the impact Zoom had on his team. “Zoom has brought more freedom to our workflows. Employees can find what works well for them, which improves their efficiency … We’ve also seen a big increase in productivity from remote workers and those unplanned flexible work days.”

While many employees have switched all of their communications to Zoom, others find the benefit of using both Skype for Business and Zoom, especially given Skype for Business’ convenient place within Office365. “Some employees adopt Zoom for everything, while others [todavía] use Skype for Business for business chat,” Lam explains.

Snapfish now has 18 Zoom Rooms between its San Francisco and Colorado offices, in addition to its employee accounts. Zoom is also used to conduct Snapfish hands-free meeting, replacing UberConference, which suffered loss of quality as more people joined the meeting.

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Original text: Zoom

Translation and adaptation: Actua Solutions