Case Study: Extreme Networks Combines Zoom and Skype for Business to Improve Communication

5 de September de 2018
2 min


Discover this case study with Extreme Networks, a Silicon Valley-based global networking company that provides wired and wireless networking solutions for office, campus and data center spaces. The company designs, develops and manufactures hardware and software for network infrastructure.

Prior to incorporating Zoom into their workflow, the team relied solely on Skype for Business for their online meetings. However, Skype for Business did not have the infrastructure or scalability to deliver consistent experiences to external customers and partners. In addition, it was not compatible with Mac users, which created new challenges as 30% of the internal team used Macs.

As the Extreme Networks team transitioned through complementary tools, they encountered Zoom and had a very positive experience within the initial pilot group. Zoom was easy to use, had positive reviews from end users and, most importantly, did not interfere or compete with Skype for Business.

“It was important to us that Zoom worked well in the Microsoft ecosystem because we are a Microsoft store and we still rely on Skype integrations with Outlook. We also have a large investment in H.323 rooms, and the Zoom H.323 / SIP connectors were excellent for modernizing those rooms. Other vendors either didn’t have that capability or were too expensive,” says Jeff Creasy, director of IT infrastructure.

Extreme Networks currently has 4,000 employees, each with a Zoom Business account. Two-thirds of its general meetings are now held on Zoom, which equates to about two million Zoom minutes per month. In addition, Extreme Networks uses Zoom for its quarterly executive, business review, global and training meetings.

In general, small internal meetings are run in Skype for Business, but high-visibility meetings with customers and partners, as well as most videoconferencing room meetings, are run in Zoom.

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Original text: Zoom

Translation and adaptation: Actua Solutions