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AmRest and Actua Solutions: ‘Customization of the training platform is essential’.

23 de September de 2021
3 min

In issue 6 of Factor Humano magazine, they have interviewed Marta Consonni, HR Processes & Systems Manager at AmRest, and Mario Planas, CEO of Actua Solutions.

The AmRest group, operator of restaurant chains such as La Tagliatella and BlueFrog, needed a training platform that would allow it to customize and adapt the environments to the style of each of its brands, create different learning models and customized training itineraries for each type of user. And it has done so through Totara Learn.

Here are some of the questions they have been asked:

Which of your brands does Totara Learn service and how many restaurants?

Marta Consonni: Currently serving three brands. Two of them are our own and we are also the franchisors: La Tagliatella, which is the one that contributes the largest number of users to the platform and the one that manages the most restaurants, and Blue Frog. The third brand is KFC, of which we are the main franchisee in Spain and with which we use the platform to offer the AmRest Induction training to welcome the employee. In total, it is currently used by 340 restaurants, approximately half of which are franchises and half of which are company-owned. In the near future, we expect to have five brands running on this platform. One of them will be Bacoa, one of the latest acquisitions we have made as a company.

At Totara Learn we centralize the corporate training of each brand, with the idiosyncrasy and image of each one. We have been growing through the purchase of brands, and when we acquired them we found that some of them already had their own training platform. We have been discarding many of them because of their functionalities and because they did not fit our needs, and we have been transferring them to Totara Learn. We also have our own group platform, which is where we manage most of our professional development.

How have you been adapting the platform to the growth AmRest has experienced?

Mario Planas: First we started working with La Tagliatella and Blue Frog. We made an important work of graphic design to customize the environments for each brand, allowing differentiated access for each group through different URLs. For example, for La Tagliatella we use ‘LearningBEST’, and for BlueFrog, ‘Learning Blue’. Thus, the professionals of each brand see their platform as their own. You can customize the header, logos, menus, the visibility or not of certain parts of the training catalog, the user’s home page, etc.

Download the full interview here.

You can alsoread it online in issue 6 of Factor Humano Magazine.