Actua Solutions is now Actua, meet us!

7 de September de 2023
3 min


At Actua we have made progress. We are one of the most experienced elearning partners in the market and we are proud to be pioneers in the implementation of Open Source technology such as Totara. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on motivating, collaborative and constantly evolving learning solutions that help companies and employees grow and develop. As strategic consultants, we co-create with our clients, offering solutions tailored to their needs, focusing on their challenges and objectives.

We offer the best LMS, LXP and TXP platforms in the market, and we are the only certified partner in Spain for training in instructional design and creation of elearning courses with Articulate software.

In Actua we have evolved by updating our name, launching a modern and up-to-date website, and renewing and expanding our contents. Our new interface is intuitive, dynamic and easy to consult. Our clients’ projects, our blog, ebooks, webinars, our services, projects and products, all at the click of a button.

We advance with Experience. We have been working in the sector for 19 years and we know the professional environment we are targeting. In Actua we move with a sure step because we work with a team of professionals with a lot of experience, we recognize our Know How and we put it in value in each of the new challenges and objectives that our clients present us.

We are making progress in innovation. At Actua we partner with the best supplier companies in our industry. Companies with the latest Open Source technology, such as Totarathe most innovative corporate training platform for talent development, Articulatethe most widely used and recognized software for the creation of e-learning courses, Vyondthe most widely used online animation software with artificial intelligence on the market, GoodHabitzEurope’s fastest growing provider of off-the-shelf elearning courses and Zoomthe videoconferencing system par excellence for webinars, meetings and online training. A demonstration of our technological capacity to offer solutions that optimize our clients’ training, progress and professional growth.

We are Actua. We move forward, so that your company prospers.

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